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Fremd Vikings 2012 Varsity Schedule
Day Date Opponent Time Location Varsity
Record MSL
Tues March 13 STEVENSON 4:30pm Stevenson HS Won 13-0.  65 degrees.  Vikes get 13 hits.  0 Errors.  Ciura 2-3 w/ 2 Doubles and 3 RBI 1-0  
Wed March 14 PRAIRIE RIDGE 4:30pm PRHS Won 3-1.  Hubbard, Ciura, and Untiedt get 2 hits each.  Untiedt w/ 2 big RBI at bats 2-0  
Fri March 16 FENTON 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 12-0.  Doering 1 hit shutout w/ 11 K's in 5 innings.  Hubbard & Chencinski HR! 3-0  
Mon March 19 CARMEL 4:30pm Carmel HS Won 4-0.   Played great defense.  Turned 6-4-3 DP w/ Bases Loaded.  Doering Shutout vs excellent lineup.  Mazur 2-4 w/Triple. 4-0  
Tues March 20 GRAYSLAKE CENTRAL 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 13-0.  Vikings go Berserk!  Schwantz throws a perfect game!  5 Innings.  11 K's.  No ball left the infield.  Fremd hits 4 HR's.  2 By Hubbard, 1 by Farina, and a 260 footer by Ciura.   5-0  
Wed March 21 LOYOLA 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 10-0 in 5 inn.  Vikings put up 7 runs in bottom of the 5th to win.  Doering throws a No Hitter!  Back to Back No Hitters.  Patenaude HR.  Mats 3 Hits.  6-0  
Thurs March 22 NEW TRIER 4:30pm Duke Childs Vikings give NT 2 early runs w/ sloppy play, and then take the lead back in the 5th inning w/ a 3 Run Bomb by Ciura! 
Win 3-2. 
Wed April 4 GLENBROOK NORTH 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 2-1.  Doering threw 7 hitter against good lineup.  Vikings make 6 "Great Plays" on defense to preserve the victory.  8-0  
Thurs April 5 LAKE ZURICH 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 13-3.  Chilly/Windy day.  Vikings hit 3 HR's (Ciura, Mazur, and Farina), and just miss 2 others w/ Doubles off the wall.  9-0
Sat April 7 ST. CHARLES EAST (DH) 11am SCE HS Lost Both.  Played and pitched very carelessly.  Mazur 7 hits, 2 HR's.  Herdy HR.  Offensively, we hit well.  24 hits on day should be enough to sweep!  Shows how important pitching, defense, and intensity are.  9-2
Mon April 9 WHEELING 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 11-0 in 5 innings.  5 in the first. 2 hits each for Mazur, Hubb, and Schwantz.  Doering 3 Hit Shutout 10-2 1-0
Tues April 10 MUNDELEIN 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 8-0.  Coldest Day of year.  45 w/ Wind.  Schwantz 2 hit shutout.  Great!  Farina 4-4 w/ Double and 3 RBI.  Hubbard and Mats w/ 2 hits each. 11-2
Wed April 11 ELK GROVE 4:30pm Elk Grove HS Lost 5-2.  Defense let us down.  5 errors in a game.  Only had 7 total coming in.  Farina HR.  Hubbard 2-2.   Mats on twice.  11-3 1-1
Fri April 13 HERSEY 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 14-4.  Trailed 2-0 and then erupted for 10 runs in the 4th.  Mazur 3-4 w/ Triple and HR and 5 RBI.  Welninski hits Grand Slam in second varsity AB.    12-3 2-1
Sat April 14 CARY GROVE (DH) 10am Cary Grove HS Swept. CG ranked top 5 at time.  8-2 in game 1.  11-1 in Game 2.  Both Pitchers Very Good.  Farina and Ciura HR.  Several Defensive Gems!  14-3
Mon April 16 HOFFMAN ESTATES 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 5-0.  Quick lead and then left a ton of people on base.  Back to back HR's by Mazur and Hubbard.  Doering/Schwantz combine for 1 hit shutout. 15-3 3-1
Wed April 18 CONANT 4:30pm Conant HS Lost 4-2.  Mats 2-3 w/ Walk.  Mazur 2-3 w/ Double and Triple.  Too many called third strikes. 15-4 3-2
Fri April 20 PALATINE 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 3-2.  Trailed 2-0 after top of 1st.  Hubbard 3-3. 16-4 4-2
Sat April 21 JACOBS (DH) 10am Fremd HS Split.  Won game 1 10-0 in 5 innings.  Matsumoto, Mazur, and Hubbard all 3-3.  Doering Shutout.  Lost game 2 2-1 in 10 innings.  Had several chances to win the game.  Many at-em balls, and some bad baserunning and Team Defense was the difference.  17-5
Mon April 23 BARRINGTON 4:30pm Barrington HS Won 3-0.  Doering 5 hit shutout.  Got out of bases loaded nobody out jam w/ no runs.  Hubbard 2-4 w/ Big 7th inning RBI. 18-5 5-2
Wed April 25 SCHAUMBURG 4:30pm SHS Won 6-3.  Got behind 3-0 after first.  Mazur & Mats 2 hits each.  Schneider w/ 2 big RBI at bats.  19-5 6-2
Thurs April 26 ROLLING MEADOWS 4:30pm RMHS Won 17-0.  Meadows without first 2 pitchers.  Vikings get 17 hits.  Ciura HR.  Zimmer 1 scoreless inning in varsity debut. 20-5 7-2
Mon April 30 BUFFALO GROVE 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 8-1.  Trailed 1-0 through 3 innings.  Doering 1 hitter w/ 10 K's.  Leadoff walk scored.  Hubbard 3-3 w/ ball off the wall.  21-5 8-2
Wed May 2 PROSPECT 4:30pm Prospect HS Won 15-0.  7 in top of first and never looked back.  Hubb 2-3, Ciura 3-4, Farina 2 hits.  22-5 9-2
Fri May 4 HOFFMAN EST 4:30pm HE HS Won 15-0.  Schwantz had No hitter for 4.  Ended w/ 2 hit shutout.  Farina 4-4.  Hubb 2-2.  Mazur 2 hits.  Vikings 6 XBHits 23-5 10-2
Mon May 7 CONANT 4:30pm Fremd HS Rained out to Tuesday.  Lost 2-1.  Played very well.  6 hits and only gave up 4.  23-6 10-3
Wed May 9 PALATINE 4:30pm Palatine HS NHL Day was great.  Both teams and parents combined efforts lead to a wonderful day.  On the field, Vikings Won 8-0.  Schwantz 4 hit shutout w/ 10 K's.  Offense and defense both played well. 24-6 11-3
Fri May 11 BARRINGTON 4:30pm Fremd HS Lost 6-2 in 8 innings.  Played terrible in every way.  Great catch on pop foul by Schneider really the only highlight. 24-7 11-4
Mon May 14 SCHAUMBURG 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 6-4.  Hubbard hit a HR to become the all time career leader in HR's w/ 17.  Untiedt at SS goes 2-3 25-7 12-4
Tues May 15 GLENBROOK SOUTH 4:30pm GBS HS Won 12-0.  Hubbard HUGE Day!  3-4.  7 RBI.  Inside the Park Grand Slam, Solo HR, and 2 run Triple.  Schwantz 2 hit shutout w/ 9 K's.  26-7
Wed May 16 Crossover vs Meadows 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 4-0.  Getting no hit through 5 innings.  Farina off bench w/ 2 run Double followed by a 2 Run HR from Mazur.  Doering 4 hit shutout.  27-7
Fri May 18 MAINE SOUTH 4:30pm Fremd HS Tradition Day!  Won 11-1 in 5 innings.  Doering faced 1 over the minimum.  HR's by Hubbard, Farina, and Mazur on Senior Day!  Mats w/ 3 hits.  28-7
Tues May 22 Regionals vs Streamwood 4:30pm Fremd HS Won 5-0.  Left a ton of runners on base.  Farina 4-4 w/ 2 RBI.  Salerno 2-3. 29-7
Sat May 26 Regionals vs S. Elgin 10am Fremd HS Rained early.  Started at 11:30ish.  Won 14-0 in 5 innings.  Doering 1 hit shutout against good lineup.  Farina 3 hits.  Mazur and Hubbard go yard!  Mats 2 hits.  TW pinch hit off the bench.  Regional Champs! 30-7
Thurs May 31 Sectionals vs Elk Grove 4:30pm BHS Lost 3-1.  Doering 5 2/3 No hitter.  Bloop single w/ 2 outs in 6th followed by a HR.  Totally outplayed them.  Tough Loss 30-8  
Sat June 2 Sectional Finals 11am BHS Nope    
Mon June 4 Supersectional TBD Judson    
Fri June 8 State Semifinals 2:30pm E.Peoria      
Sat June 9 State Championship Game 5pm E. Peoria