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About Taking AP Art History:    
In 2009-2010 District 211 will feature a new AP class: AP Art History.  No prerequisite is required for AP Art History, except that only Juniors and Seniors may enroll for this year long course.     
In AP Art History, students track the evolution and development of visual art from Prehistoric times to the modern era. Western and non-Western artists and art movements will be covered.   Students are encouraged, but not required to take the AP Art History exam which awards college credit based on earned exam scores.      
Some Questions You Might Have About AP Art History    
Q: Who can take AP Art History?    
A: Juniors and Seniors    
Q: Who should take AP Art History?    
A: Anyone interested in art.  People interested in majoring or minoring in: art, architecture, history, philosophy or design. People who enjoy art museums and galleries.  People who want to know more about art, but do not feel they have strong art skills or background.  People with good observational and analytical skills.     
Q:What kinds of assignments are there?    
A: Most of the work for this class is reading the assigned text.  There will be quizzes for each unit and a final both semesters.     
Q: What textbook will be used?    
A: Since we are presenting this AP class as an equivalent to a college course, we are using Gardner's Art History, a textbook that is used in most college art history classrooms as well as most AP art history classrooms.     
Q: Are there any recommended (not required) texts?    
A: There are several additional texts that are designed to help you study for the AP Art History exam.  REA and Barron's are highly recommended.  Sister Wendy's 1000 Masterpieces is also very helpful.    
Q: Is AP Art History difficult?    
A: This all depends on your skills and experience as a student.  Good reading and note-taking skills are key, as is a motivation to learn about art.  Also important are analytical skills, and observational skills.  Being detail-oriented and organized will definitely help you be more successful in this class.     
Q:  What preparation will there be for the AP Exam?    
A: You will be reminded of what will be on the exam and what the exam focuses on throughout the year. You will be encouraged to form and join study groups.  There will be an intensive review before the exam.    
Q: Does AP Art History count as an art credit or a social studies credit?    
A: In our district, AP Art History counts as an art credit only.  Most colleges and universities require at least one year of  humanities and this would satisfy the requirement for many schools.    
Q: Is AP Art History one or two semesters?    
A: This is a full year, two semester course.  We recommend Art and Contemporary Society if you would like to take a related art class that is only one semester.    
Q: Will we be making art projects in AP Art History?    
A: No, this is study not production of art.    


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