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School:  William Fremd High School

Teacher:  Mr. Miller

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Law Websites Ch. 1 Cases Assignment, Termination, Breach

Criminal vs. Civil Law
Cornell Law School Ch. 2 Cases Chapter 12:  Written Contracts Misrepresentation vs. Fraud
Career Explorer Ch. 4 Cases Chapter 11:  Legality Law Mock Trial General Info
ETHICS Ch. 6 Cases Chapter 10:  Capacity  
Class Action Lawsuits:  CASE WATCH Ch. 7 Cases Chapter 9:  Consideration
Legal Documents Online Ch. 9 Cases Chapter 8:  Defective Agreements  
  Mid-Term Jeopardy Chapter 7:  Mutual Assent    
  Ch. 10 Law Jeopardy Chapter 6:  Civil Law    
  Ch.  11 Cases Chapter 5:  Criminal Law    
Ch. 12 Law Jeopardy Chapter 4:  Our Court Systems
  Legal Cases Review (Chapter 8, 9, 13, 14) Chapter 3:  Constitutional Law    
  4th Quarter Law Jeopardy Chapter 2:  Ethics and Our Laws    
    Chapter 1:  Our Laws    
    Internet Research    
    Weekly Law Current Event    
Contract Law & Legal Documents






Chapter 1:  Our Laws

Chapter 1 Outline Notes

Cooperative Learning Activity

Law-Discuss This!

Lesson 1-1 Slide Show

Lesson 1-2 Slide Show

Chapter 2:  Ethics in our Law

You Be The Judge

Ethical Principles Concept Map

Chapter 2 Outline Notes
Cooperative Learning Activity
Business Ethics Activity
Business Decision Making Concept Map
Ethical Reasoning Activity

Lesson 2-1 Slide Show
Lesson 2-2 Slide Show
Lesson 2-3 Slide Show

Ethics Web Links

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making
A Framework for Universal Principles of Ethics
The Online Ethics for Engineering and Science
Moral Decision Making - An Analysis
The Ethics Toolkit


Chapter 3:  Constitutional Rights


Brief Listing of Amendments

Circuit Court of Cook County Flow Chart

Lesson 3-1 Slide Show
Lesson 3-2 Slide Show
Lesson 3-3 Slide Show


Internet Research Activities

How to Read Court Cases

Analyzing Real Cases (Silkwood v Kerr-McGee)
Analyzing Real Cases (Florida v. Riley)
Analyzing Real Cases (Kent v. Unites States)
United States Government Scavenger Hunt


Chapter 4:  Our Court System

Our Court System Slide Show
Case Path Flow Chart

Glenbrook North Hazing Incident
Senior gets supervision
Hazing Task Force

Wal-Mart Sexual Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

Do-Not-Call List Issue
Congress defends Do-Not-Call List
Courts block Do-Not-Call List


Chapter 5:  Criminal Law

Our Criminal Laws Slide Show
Criminal Procedures Slide Show

Criminal Trial Procedures

Criminal Law - Student Outline Notes


Chapter 6:  Civil Law

6-1:  Offenses Against an Individual Slide Show
6-2:  Common Intentional Torts Slide Show
6-3:  Civil Procedures Slide Show

Civil Trial Procedures

Torts - Graphic Organizer
Civil Procedures - Graphic Organizer


Chapter 7:  Mutual Assent

Making Contracts Slide Show
The Offer Slide Show
Termination of Offer Slide Show
Acceptance of the Offer Slide Show

Nature and Classification of Contracts

CONTRACTS (graphic organizer)

7-1 Student Outline Notes
7-2 Student Outline Notes
7-3 Student Outline Notes



Chapter 8:  Defective Agreements

Chapter 8 Slide Show
Chapter Outline Notes

Misrepresentation v. Fraud:  Grounds for Avoiding a Contract

Chapter 8-1 Review
Chapter 8-2 Review



Chapter 9: Consideration

Chapter 9 Outline Notes

Chapter 9 Review



Chapter 10:  Capacity

Chapter 10 Slide Show

Chapter Outline Notes

Rights of Special Parties

Chapter 10-1 Review





Chapter 11:  Legality

Chapter 11-1 Slide Show

Chapter 11-2 Slide Show

Law Bingo Review

Chapter 11-1 Outline Notes

Chapter 11-2 Outline Notes



Chapter 12:  Written Contracts

Chapter Outline Slide Show

Chapter Slide Show Notes

Chapter 12 Outline Notes




Chapter 13-14:  Assignment, Termination, and Breach of Contract

Chapter 13 Slide Show

Chapter 13 Outline Notes

Chapter 14 Slide Show

Chapter 14 Outline Notes

Breach of Contract Chart