Health Occupations - R313


Day Date Lesson Homework
Wednesday 8/21 Class Intro, Syllabus, books  
Thursday 8/22    
Friday 8/23

Unduplicated list of occupations

Chapter 1 PPT 

what do you know?

Best Jobs in US Health Care  2013
Monday 8/26 History of Medicine project/work
History of Healthcare
Notes for class presentations/History of Medicine
Log in for Schoology
Mrs. Townsend's Class
Tuesday 8/27 History of Medicine project/work
bring note cards to class
cards  for prefixes/suffixes if you will be using cards......9/3
Wednesday 8/28 History of Medicine project/work
Thursday 8/29

Begin Presentations

butcher paper/IPADs for presentations

the following note cards due 9/3:
suffix, prefix, abbreviations, combining forms
Friday 8/30

continue  presentations

STUDY for Quiz 9/4
Monday 9/2 NO SCHOOL  
Tuesday 9/3 Finish Presentations
Review Prefix/Suffixes
Presentations continue
STUDY for Prefix/suffix Quiz 9/10
STUDY for Unit 1 Test 9/9
Wednesday 9/4 Review History of Medicine presentations
Review Prefix/Suffixes
STUDY for Unit 1 Test 9/9
Thursday 9/5 Review Prefix/Suffixes
Friday 9/6 Healthcare Facilities
Presentation Directions get in groups
Monday 9/9 Unit 1 Test -
Prefix/Suffix and History of Medicine
continue with group projects

Unit 1 Test
Tuesday 9/10 Prefix Suffix Quiz
Start Presentations
Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Need Books
Wednesday 9/11 Finish Presentations
bring blank note cards for Friday
Thursday 9/12 Finish Presentations web site students should be looking at:
Friday 9/13 Finish Presentations
Monday 9/16 Health Care Facilities Discussion
Study for Facilities Quiz
Tuesday 9/17 Facilities Quiz  
Wednesday 9/18 Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Study for Unit 2 Test
Thursday 9/19    
Friday 9/20 review for Unit 2 test Read Ch. 2 Pages 39-68
Begin Vocab cards
Monday 9/23 Unit 2 Test
Read Ch. 2 Pages 39-68
continue working on Vocab cards
Tuesday 9/24 activities in the planes, quadrants and regions Read Ch. 2 Pages 39-68
continue working on Vocab cards
Wednesday 9/25 Discussion on Planes and Quadrants Word search& Crossword Due
continue working on Vocab cards
Thursday 9/26
Review packet for due Monday
Combing forms/Vocab cards Due
Friday( Townsend)
study for test on Tuesday
Friday 9/27
Review for Test
Due today:
Word Surgery/Crossword puzzle
Due Tuesday (Jetel)
study for test
Monday 9/30 Unit 3 Test with diagrams and Medial Specialties  
Tuesday 10/1 Begin Unit 4

Read chapter 3

Wednesday 10/2
Learn how to use stethoscope
blood pressure lab/complete in class                     sign up for Harper Duel credit class
Read chapter 3

Thursday 10/3

PPT Gastroeterology



Read chapter 3
Friday 10/4 Experiment  
Monday 10/7 Finish PTT  
Tuesday 10/8 Meet in Foods Lab 2nd and 7th
Gastro Lab
foods or Science room?
lab due  Wednesday

Wednesday 10/9 discuss lab
discuss diseases and "project"
combining forms worksheet/
medical meaning
Unit 4 Vocab Cards due today
Thursday 10/10 working on diseases and "project"
Gastro-Pathogens Flyers
Friday 10/11
Pathogen Flyers
Monday 10/14 no school  
Tuesday 10/15 Present projects in class work on lab questions
Wednesday 10/16 Present projects in class
complete lab for Thursday
Thursday 10/17  I Have, Who Has? Test review in class
Friday 1018 Unit 4 GI Test  
Monday 1021
Review Unit 4 Test
 Begin Unit 5- Pulmonology

Test in TM for those absent-
 take by 10/25
Begin Vocab Cards Unit 5
Tuesday 10/22  Unit 5- Pulmonology
Read Ch 4 Pulmonology
Read  Disease pages165-176
Wednesday 10/23
Respiratory system diagrams

Any HW not submitted from previous units needs to be in by TODAY to be
counted for the quarter.
Thursday 10/24 PPT begins today with !
Friday 10/25 PPT Respiratory system First Quarter ends
Monday 10/28 PPT Respiratory system
assign word surgery and x-word puzzle
crossword puzzle & word surgery
Due Friday
Tuesday 10/29 Pulmonary Disease TEXTBOOK PAGES
Meet in Media Center Reference Room 2nd and 7th

Wednesday 10/30 Newsletters with PPTS
Meet in Media Center Reference Room  2nd and 7th
Thursday 10/31 Present  
Friday 11/1 Quiz

crossword puzzle & word surgery
 crossword puzzle & word surgery & cards due Wednesday
Monday 11/4 Cardio/Pulmonary Lab  
Tuesday 11/5 Cardio/Pulmonary Lab  
Wednesday 11/6  PPT on Coronary Diseases lab due Friday Study for test
Thursday 11/7 Cardiovascular System PPT  
Friday 11/8    
Monday 11/11 Cardiovascular System PPT  
Tuesday 11/12 QUESTIONS  
Wednesday 11/13 CARDIO/PULMONARY LAB Read pages
in your text book!!
Thursday 11/14 CARDIO/PULMONARY LAB complete 4 -80% or better
if you are missing anything from other units...get them done....

Wednesday 11/20

Thursday 11/21 L  
Friday 11/22  continue PPT on Hematology and Immunology
 Universal Donor "O- "
Monday 11/25
continue PPT on Hematology and Immunology
Draw cells with explanation of function
Tuesday 11/26 review packets for Hematology and Immunology  
Wednesday 11/27 Hematology and Immunology Unit Test
Thursday 11/28    
Friday 11/29    
Monday 12/2    
Tuesday 12/3    
Wednesday 12/4    
Thursday 12/5 Test Hemo/Immuno  
Friday 12/6 skin disorders intro  
Monday 12/9 Skin Power Point  
Tuesday 12/10 Group work on skin disorders
Wednesday 12/11 Group work on skin disorders  
Thursday 12/12 Present PPT  projects  
Friday 12/13 Present PPT  projects
Quiz on Skin Disorders
Monday 12/16 Skin Lab
Foods room
Tuesday 12/17 Test on Skin  
Wednesday 12/18    
Thursday 12/19    
Friday 12/20    
Monday 1/6    
Tuesday 1/7    
Wednesday 1/8    
Thursday 1/9    
Friday 1/10    
  1/15 review for finals  
  1/16 exams  
  1/17 exams  
  1/18 exams  
  1/21 No school  
Wednesday 1/22 No School/Institute  
Thursday 1/23  Begin chapter 9 / Muscles  
Friday 1/24 Worksheets on Muscles System  
Monday 1/25 Worksheets on Muscles System  
Tuesday 1/28 PPT on Muscles  
Wednesday 1/29    
Thursday 1/30    
Friday 1/31       
Monday 2/1 family that walks on all fours  
Tuesday 2/4 family that walks on all fours  
Wednesday 2/5 Presentation in Auditorium
Dr. Brottman-Pediatrition
Thursday 2/6 Musculoskeletal Exam  
Friday 2/7 PPT Neurology  
Monday 2/8 Neurology  
Tuesday 2/11 Neurology

Wednesday 2/12 Neurology
teenage brain?
Thursday 2/13 finish video  
Friday 2/14 continue with PPT  
Monday 2/15 brain teasers/with laptops
 Brain Characteristics Lab
Human Benchmarks Test
Right Brain/Left Brain Test for LAB
Optical Illusions
Tuesday 2/18 NO SCHOOL  
Wednesday 2/19 visit Anatomy Lab
review for test on Thursday
Thursday 2/20 Trip to Rush Medical Center
leaving FHS at 8am
Friday 2/21  Neurology Test
Monday 2/22 Introduction to chapter 11  
Tuesday 2/25 work sheets/Urology  
Wednesday 2/26 Trip to Midwestern University  
Thursday 2/27 computer lab 128
students develop PPT slides 
Friday 2/28 Kidney Lab
kidney -How it works
Monday 3/1 Finish Lab
Questions from
How Stuff Works Site on Kidneys
Tuesday 3/4 PPT from student work  
Wednesday 3/5 SNOW Day!!!/Jeopardy Review Game
 Urology Review Questions PPT
Thursday 3/6
 Urology Review Questions PPT
Friday 3/7 Jeopardy Review Game  
Thursday 3/8 Urology Test  
Friday 3/11 Review Test
Unit 12/Male Reproduction
Monday 3/12 Human Reproduction Web Quest
Benefits of Sexual Reproduction
Diagrams and discussion of Male system
Tuesday 3/13 Dr. Crossin
Wednesday 3/14 discussion of Male System  
Thursday 3/15 Review Male Reproduction  
Friday 3/18 Test Unit 12- Male Reproduction
Monday 3/19 read Chapter 13
complete packet on female diagrams
Tuesday 3/20 Dr. LaBarge
Wednesday 3/21 PPT Female reproductive system Ch. 13
Thursday 3/22 movie  
Friday 4/1 birth control  
Monday 4/2 Dr. Thompson
Maxofacial Specialist

Tuesday 4/3 Female Reproductive system  
Wednesday 4/4 Female Reproductive system  
Thursday 4/5 Female Reproductive system
Friday 4/8 Female Reproductive system  
Monday 4/9 Test Female System/OB/Gyn
submit Male/Female Study Packet
Tuesday 4/10 CPR/BLS  
Wednesday 4/11 CPR/BLS  
Thursday 4/12 Jessica Maag
Occupational Therapist
FHS Alum
Friday 4/15 CPR/BLS  
Tuesday 4/16 CPR/BLS
Wednesday 4/17 CPR/BLS  
Thursday 4/18 CPR/BLS  
Friday 4/19 CPR/exam  
Monday 4/22  Chapter 14-Endocrine System  
Tuesday 4/23  Endocrine system  
Wednesday 4/24 diagrams  
Thursday 4/25 Speakers/Pharmacy Students-Roosevelt University  
Friday 4/26 PPT on endocrine system  
Monday 4/29 select endocrine system condition/disease for project  
Tuesday 4/30 work on project  
Wednesday 5/1 present project  
Thursday 5/2 present project  
Friday 5/3 Review for test  
Monday 5/6 Test Endocrine System  
Tuesday 5/7 begin Chapter 15 PPT/draw EYE  
Wednesday 5/8 continue ... draw EYE (pages 762,764,766)
function of parts
Thursday 5/9 EYE webquest  
Friday 5/10 eye webquest  
Monday 5/13 EYE QUIZ  
Tuesday 5/14


Wednesday 5/15 ENT INTRO
Thursday 5/16 THE EAR  
Friday 5/17 THE EAR  
Monday 5/20    
Tuesday 5/21    
Wednesday 5/22    
Thursday 5/23    
Friday 5/24 picnic/no  
Monday 5/27 Memorial Day  
Tuesday 5/28    
Wednesday 5/29    
Thursday 5/30 brunch  
Friday 5/31    
Monday 6/3    
Tuesday 6/4 final review  
Wednesday 6/5 finals  
Thursday 6/6 finals  
Friday 6/7