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Introduction to AP Chem 
Ch. 1-3

Confirmation of a Chemical Formula
Lab Report Checklist

Ratio of Moles of Reactant
Lab Report Checklist

Ch. 4 Stoichiometry

Synthesis of Alum
Lab Report Checklist

Ch 5 and Ch 20
Stoich of RedOx lab report checklist

Atomic Theory and Periodicity
Ch. 7 & 8     

Review Concept List

Periodic Trends Powerpoints 0809
atomic radius
ion size
ionization energy
electron affinity
melting/boiling pt


Equilibrium Ch. 16 & 18

Test Review

Ch. 9 & 10

Formal Charge Practice website

Bonding Test Review

Coordination Compounds

Teacher notes from "Complex Ion Formulas & Nomenclature"

Organic Chemistry
Ch. 11

organic nomenclature and structure practice handout

organic structure practice key

Websites for more information and practice problems




IMA's and Colligative Properties
Ch. 13 & 14

 review concept list

 For a decent website on Raoult's Law click here

Ch. 12 Gases

Gases - Intro ppt
Gases - KMT
Effusion & Diffusion

Boyle's Law
Charles' Law
Gay-Lussac's Law

Ch. 13 IMF
IMF powerpoint

Ch. 15  Kinetics

Kinetics lab Activation energy data

Kinetics of a Reaction
lab report outline

Nature of Reactants Lab

Kinetics Review

AP problems review guide





Acids and Bases
Ch. 17

Review concept list for Ch. 17

Strong and Weak Acids and Bases Lab - net ionic eq's pg 1
pg 2
(these did not scan well, sorry)

Chapter 17 Acid Base Eq. MC practice

Chapter 17 MC Answers

Ch. 18

Test review concept list

Use this link for pH indicators  http://www.chemguide.co.uk/physical/acidbaseeqia/indicators.html

Use this link for pH curves of polyprotic acids